Big Guppy Playground Pump System


The Big Guppy Playground Pump simulates the action of a traditional water hand pump. However, no well is needed as it is connected to a pressurized water line (like city water) which automatically refills the external tank as the children hand-pump the water out of the tank. Kids will have puddles of fun with the Lil Guppy Playground Pump System!

Cadron Creek Play Playground Pumps are the highest quality playground pumps on the market. Made of Stainless Steel, the pump is hand-polished and manufactured 100% in the USA. With sturdy welds and a 3-year warranty, it has minimal maintenance requirements.

The water play system is designed for kids of all ages. The hand pump can be mounted to a flat surface like a table or Cadron Creek Play’s Stainless Steel Pump Stand that comes with a mounting plate, allowing for a versatile design. The stainless-steel hand pump connects to a durable plastic tank that is connected to a pressurized water line. As the water is pumped out of the tank, it automatically refills, simulating the feel of a pumping water from a well. It features a 11 3/4-inch long spout, allowing the water to fall in a designated area. This pump is easy to install and maintain. It has an elegant design but is built for heavy use by little hands. It can also be customized to meet the needs of your project. For example, add a Spout & Shout to the nozzle, which causes the water to spray out of the spout as you pump!



Water from the pressurized water line fills the plastic tank and automatically shuts off at the fill line. The tank is connected to the pump by a reinforced flexible hose. The children then hand-pump the water out of the tank. The water refills as it’s pumped out. The tank can be buried, placed below a deck/table, or even camouflaged to match the playscape’s theme. Just be sure to install it in a place where it is out of the sun and can be easily reached for ventilation and maintenance.


  • Pump
    • 37 7/8 inches tall from base to top of the handle
    • Made of stainless steel: body, handle, rod, hardware
    • Standard 20 7/8 inch long handle
    • 11 3/4 inch long spout
    • Designed for heavy-duty kid traffic
    • 3-year warranty on all manufactured parts
  • Plastic Tank
    • Custom 8 gallon plastic tank, 16×12×15 inches
    • Connection for 1 inch to pressurized water line
    • Internal float valve to control water levels
  • Hose
    • 1 inch diameter reinforced hose with connections


  • (1) Stainless Steel Playground Pump
  • (1) 8 Gallon Plastic Tank with All Required Fittings
  • (1) 10 foot by 1 inch in Diameter Reinforced Hose
  • (2) Hose Connections