Playground Pumps

The Playground Pump is a creative and interactive water feature, perfect for every type of playscape. Cadron Creek's innovative products are designed to stimulate a learning environment that's fun, collaborative and fruitful.

The Playground Pump is made of Stainless Steel and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

This is the highest quality hand pump on the market.

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No Well Required

The Playground Pump does not require a well! That’s right -  the Playground Pump is designed to be used with pressurized water lines (city water). The tank fills with water, kids pump it
out, then the tank refills with water… just like a real hand pump!

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Fun & Educational

The Playground Pump is a great opportunity to learn about groundwater, the science of lifting water, and the amount of force required for that vertical lift.  This interactive pump creates a lot of learning opportunities here, along with a lot of fun!


Safety First

All Bison Playground Pumps have the Child-Safe feature, which is a special design to reduce pinch points for little fingers. We make learning fun by creatively incorporating it into playgrounds and outdoor classrooms!


Premium Materials

The Playground Pump is made of Stainless Steel reducing icky residue build-up inside the pump. We are confident that this is the highest quality hand pump on the market.

Custom Designs

Our team can customize the Playground Pump to accommodate your city parks, splash pads, dog parks, and more! 

Lifetime Warranty

We want you to enjoy your Playground Pump for years to come. If for some reason you need to replace your pump, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.