Lil Guppy Playground Pump System

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The Lil Guppy Playground Pump System provides an ideal sensory play experience for little sponge-like minds.

inspire learning through water play:

  • Build vocabulary "How does the water feel?"

  • Explore science concepts: "What happens when you push the handle slowly? or quickly?"

  • Encourage social and emotional development by practicing taking turns, carrying buckets of water, etc.

The Lil Guppy Playground Pump System creates a playscape in which children are free to imagine, explore and discover.

How it works:

Water from the pressurized water line fills the plastic cistern and automatically shuts off at the fill line. (A shut-off valve will need to be installed on-line.) The cistern is connected to the pump by a durable flex hose. The children then hand-pump the water out of the cistern. The water refills as it's pumped out. The cistern can be buried, placed below a deck/table, or even camouflaged to match the playscape's theme. Just be sure to install it in a place where it can easily reached for ventilation and maintenance.

Pump Details & Dimensions

  • 24 inches tall from top of the handle
  • Cistern: 8 gallon plastic tank, 16x12x15 inches

  • Connects to pressurized water line

  • Stainless steel 

  • Designed for heavy-duty kid traffic

  • 5-Year warranty on all manufactured parts

The Lil Guppy Playground Pump System is manufactured in the United States with high-quality materials.

Cadron Creek Play products are built to last. 

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About the Manufacturer:

Cadron Creek Play is a family-owned and operated business located in Conway, Arkansas. The owners love to design playful products with their grandchildren in mind, with a focus on natural and sensory play.