Jacobson Park Playground

Jacobson Park Playground in Lexington boasts two Pump-n-Plays. Jacobson Park is a 216-acre park in Lexington, Kentucky. They recently opened the park which includes two Cadron Creek Pump-n-Play Playground Pump Systems.

Artificial riverbeds were created with a pump positioned in opposite directions. The children can dam up the water and then release it. Lexington Parks & Rec opted for an angled nozzle on the spout, which directs the water in the appropriate direction.

You can learn more about all the fun to be had at Jacobson Park by visiting the Lexington Parks & Rec website.

The Pump-n-Play Playground Pump system is an actual hand water pump. Kids get to see how their motions cause the water to come out! There’s also a hook on the spout for hanging play items like buckets to fill, and because the pump auto fills, the fun is endless!

The best part is, while children are playing – they’re also learning!

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