Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota

Welcome the summer heat with a Cadron Creek Playgound Pump! This interactive action pump is great for playgrounds, splash pads, schools and even Children’s Museums!

Our pumps are made right here in Arkansas, and come with an easy to read maintenance guide.We believe in them so much, they’ve got a Lifetime Warranty!

This Children’s Museum in Southern Minnesota is a great example of kids learning, playing, and parents getting in on the fun too!

The Pump-n-Play is an actual pump. Kids get to see how their motions are paying off with a refreshing splash! There’s also a hook on the spout for hanging play items like buckets to fill, and because the pump auto fills, the fun seems endless.

The best part is, while children are playing – they’re also learning!

Where does this water come from?
How does it work?
Is this the same water at my house?

These are some of the great questions kids may ask, and all the answers teach them something!

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